Why Choose Hearing Aid Specialists SA

Hearing Aid Specialists SA are an independent, family-owned hearing audiology clinic with four main offices across South Australia. Our primary goal is to give every individual access to sound and better hearing, whilst providing reliable results, at an affordable price with the latest premium designs and technology. We are here to support our community and educate those around us about their hearing health and wellbeing. Hearing Aid Specialists SA offer diagnostic, comprehensive hearing tests as well as access to hearing aids from the leading hearing aid manufacturers worldwide. This means that Hearing Aid Specialists SA is one of the few hearing care providers that is not owned by a hearing aid manufacturer. In other words, we can provide unbiased hearing advice and recommendations whilst not being obliged to sell a particular brand or range of hearing aid. With over 30 years’ experience in the industry, we understand that hearing loss can occur gradually over time, sometimes without us even noticing. Therefore, we offer a free hearing heath check for adults with an audiologist or audiometrist to quickly and easily identify if a hearing loss is present. This hearing screening involves a general check of the health of your ears. During this appointment, you will be provided with headphones and asked to indicate when you hear a sound. If this hearing test indicates that there is an issue with your hearing, we can explore this further in a free comprehensive hearing assessment. This comprehensive hearing test allows your audiologist or audiometrist to dive further into your hearing health and hearing history. The hearing care provider will ask you many questions about your health and lifestyle to better understand you and your ears. The audiologist or audiometrist will also look into your ears with a device called an otoscope to visually inspect your ear drum and ear canal. Following this, we will use a device called a tympanometer to assess your middle ear system. This test checks to ensure there is no blockage or middle ear pathology present. Your audiologist or audiometrist will then complete a diagnostic hearing test which identifies the severity and type of hearing loss present. This is called pure tone audiometry which evaluates the sensitivity of your hearing. Your results are plotted on a graph called an audiogram and a report can be generated for you or your specialist. Your audiologist or audiometrist will help you understand your results and discuss what impact this hearing loss is having on your daily life and ability to communicate. If your hearing assessment results indicate that you have a hearing loss, your audiologist or audiometrist can proceed with a hearing consultation to provide you expert advice on ways to manage your hearing loss. This allows the audiologist or audiometrist to discuss with you if you require further medical investigation or if considering hearing devices is recommended based on your hearing test results, your lifestyle and any hearing difficulties you are facing. At this independent audiology clinic, we strive to make better hearing accessible for all of patients. Our expert audiologists and audiometrists focus on you as an individual and allow you to have choice and knowledge when making an informed decision about your hearing. Director and senior audiologist Kylie Dicieri explains “At Hearing Aid Specialists SA, we pride ourselves on patient-centred and client-centred care. Being a family owned independent clinic means we have the opportunity to prescribe you with the most suited hearing aid for your hearing needs and lifestyle, and not be tied to one manufacturer. ” At our audiology clinics, you will be able to see a wide range of different hearing products and manufacturers. Our audiologists and audiometrists want you to understand how a hearing product may work and benefit you more compared to another product. At our audiology clinics, our recommendations are always based on your individual needs, and we strive for outstanding hearing outcomes. Even if you are not already one of our patients or you have purchased your hearing aids elsewhere, we are happy to assist you with your hearing devices. Hearing Aid Specialists SA are one of the most trusted independent hearing aid providers in Adelaide. Our audiologists and audiometrists offer comprehensive hearing tests and hearing services. If you are looking for a professional, independent, and trusted audiology clinic, contact Hearing Aid Specialists SA.