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Free hearing aid trials

We don’t want you missing out on a single moment doing what you love and being able to hear and communicate with the people that mean most to you. We make this possible by providing the opportunity to trial the latest in hearing aid technology, obligation free for 30 days. Take them home and trial them in different hearing situations, in your time, in your space.

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Hearing Aid Technology

Advances in hearing technology continue to transform hearing aids. Hearing aids today offer rechargeability, no fiddly batteries to worry about ,and can connect directly to TVs – streaming your favourite show straight to your hearing aids. Connectivity doesn’t stop there, mobiles phones can be answered hands free, listen to music, and so much more.
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Discreet and comfortable hearing aids

Big bulky and uncomfortable hearing aids are a thing of the past. Modern hearing aids are discreet if not invisible, are comfortable to wear and have a sleek contemporary design. Hearing aids can be worn behind the ear or in the ear. Hearing aids trials offered are generally for behind the ear models.
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There are many hearing aid models available with rechargeable batteries. This includes hearing aids that sit behind your ear as well as rechargeable hearing aid sits in the ear. Rechargeable hearing aids have numerous advantages over non-rechargeable hearing aid options. Using a rechargeable hearing aid means you no longer have to replace fiddly button batteries, ideal for people with dexterity issues. Rechargeable hearing aids are easy and convenient to manage, charging them is as simple as charging your mobile phone. Simply place your hearing aids in your charging case over night ready for all day use the following day. They can also be topped up and charged on the go.

They are also more dust and water resistant than traditional battery model hearing aids as the rechargeable battery is completely encapsulated within the hearing aid, making them more reliable and are less likely to need repairs. Rechargeable batteries can have a lifespan of up to five years.

Many of us have smartphones, smart TVs, smartwatches, tablets, laptops and computers. We are more connected to daily devices than ever before. One of the big advantages of hearing aid connectivity is being able to connect to many of these devices. For example, have your phone calls from your smartphone stream directly into both of your hearing aids. When you have a hearing loss, having the phone stream into both ears allows you to hear the speaker on the other end of the call more clearly and with less effort. Some hearing aids even allow for completely hands-free phone calls. This same streaming capability also means you can stream music, video or TV audio into your hearing aids.

Hearing aid connectivity has also seen the introduction of smartphone apps. For example, an app that acts as a remote-control allowing adjustments to be made to your hearing aids from your phone. Some hearing aids also have the feature of an alert to your hearing aids reminding you to go to an appointment or take medication. Hearing aids can track aspects of your health such as distance and steps, heart rate and listening engagement. Some hearing aids can also detect if you have had a fall and sends an alert to a family member. The team at Hearing Aid Specialists SA keep up to date with the release of new technology and research and are happy to discuss and explain the benefits and advantages of rechargeable hearing aids and their connectivity features.

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Trusted Hearing Aid Providers

Hearing Aid Specialists SA is an independent, family-owned business that has developed a reputation for providing locals the best in hearing care services and offering a broad selection of hearing aid technology. Being one of the most trusted hearing aid providers in Adelaide you will be recommended the most suitable solution to address your hearing loss and hearing needs. You also have the opportunity to trial hearing aids so that you can experience firsthand which hearing aid technology is right for you.

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There is a lot to consider when it comes to hearing technology and hearing aids. Our team of hearing specialists are happy to answer all of your questions and give you the support and confidence to make the best decision for your hearing needs.

Contact Hearing Aid Specialists SA now to trial them and see how they can make wearing hearing aids even easier.

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