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The extended wear invisible hearing aid

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Lyric is a unique hearing aid device that offers extended wear and invisibility, designed to be worn continuously for several months at a time.

The Benefits

Unlike traditional hearing aids that capture and process sound outside of the ear, Lyric sits deep inside the ear canal, using the natural anatomy of the ear to provide a full listening experience. Made from a soft, biocompatible foam, Lyric is comfortably placed in the canal of the ear and programmed for your hearing loss.

The benefits of Lyric include:

  • An invisible hearing aid that sits within the ear canal
  • 24/7 hearing for months at a time
  • Clear, natural sound
  • Option of self-replacement*
  • Tinnitus relief
  • Control
Lyric in ear model features Invisability


Lyric sits deep within the ear canal and offers you an invisible solution to your hearing loss. But more than that, the positioning of the Lyric deep within your ear canal enables you to get on with life without even thinking about it.

Lyric 24_7 hearing

24/7 hearing

Unlike most hearing aids, Lyric is not inserted and removed from the ear daily. It is initially inserted by a hearing aid specialist and then stays there for four months, or until it needs replacing. This means your hearing aid is always ready to go when you are, and can be used with headphones or helmets, and while sleeping or playing sports. Whatever you are doing, Lyric is ready to support your listening and communication needs.

Lyric Clear Natural Sound-playing music

Clear, natural sound

Not only does Lyric incorporate Phonak’s excellent sound processing technology, the positioning of the Lyric deep inside your ear allows it to utilise the anatomy of the ear to provide a natural listening experience. This positioning can also help you localise where sounds are coming from.

lyric Option of Self Replacement

Option of Self-Replacement

To get a Lyric device, you will initially be assessed and fitted by your hearing aid specialist. If appropriate, your hearing aid specialist will offer you the option of replacing the device yourself – which is required once every four months, or sooner if necessary. However, if you are not able to replace the device yourself, don’t worry, it can be done by your hearing aid specialist.

Lyric helps with tinnitus

Tinnitus Relief

Tinnitus, or ringing in the ears, affects approximately one in three Australians. 85% of people who have tinnitus, also have hearing loss. For these people with both tinnitus and hearing loss, hearing aids can be one way to manage their tinnitus. Unfortunately, most hearing aids must be removed when you go to sleep, which is when tinnitus is often most bothersome. Wearing Lyric 24 hours a day means it can offer tinnitus relief all day, every day, including while sleeping.

lyric SoundLync


With Lyric, you have the control using SoundLync. SoundLync is a magnetic adjustment tool which allows you to control the volume of your Lyric as well as turn it on and off or put it into sleep mode. This way you can control the device, or even turn if off if you want everything quieter at night.

Lyric Changes Lives

Lyric is not just any hearing aid. It changes lives:


Lyric wearers say it improves their quality of life


Lyric wearers say their expectations have been met or exceeded


Lyric wearers say they can live a normal life.

“I’m amazed at how natural sounding my wife’s voice is.”

Myron Butler, Lyric wearer

If you want to change your life with Lyric, book an appointment with our Hearing Aid Specialists for a Lyric assessment now. We offer free trials of the Lyric so you can check it is right for you.

How does it work?

Lyric is a long wear hearing aid that is inserted into your ear by our hearing aid specialists. It remains in the ear for up to four months at a time. Unlike other hearing aids, during this time Lyric does not need to be removed, have any maintenance, or have its battery changed. It simply stays in place using your ear’s natural anatomy to direct sounds to your eardrum, offering you a full and natural listening experience.

At the end of the four months, or earlier if needed, our hearing aid specialist will replace your Lyric with a new one, or you can replace it yourself if you and your hearing aid specialist agree this is suitable. Replacement takes just a few minutes.

Purchasing Lyric works differently to other hearing aids. With Lyric you purchase a subscription. Not only does this spread the cost of your hearing aid over time, if there is an updated device available when you are due for a replacement, you will be fitted with the newer technology. This means you can access newer technology faster.

Lyric hearing aid how it works

Frequently Asked Questions

Have some questions about Lyric? We are happy to answer all your questions at your Lyric assessment, but in the meantime, below are some commonly asked questions.

Can anyone with a hearing loss wear a Lyric?
Lyric is suitable for mild to severe hearing losses. Also, your ear canal must be big enough for Lyric to fit into it and your ear must be healthy. People who are prone to ear infections or have ear canal abnormalities may not be a good candidate for Lyric. It is also not suitable for those who need regular MRI’s or who skydive. The best way to know if Lyric is right for you is to have an assessment by our hearing aid specia
Can I swim with Lyric?
Lyric is not waterproof but can be worn when showering or for water activities where the head is not fully submerged. It is recommended that you use swim plugs – either standard or custom plugs – with Lyric to help protect it.
Can I use headphones or earplugs with Lyric?
Headphones and earplugs can be used with Lyric provided they do not touch the device when inserted into the ear canal. Our hearing aid specialists can help you ensure that you are using devices compatible with Lyric.
Is Lyric comfortable to wear?
Wearing Lyric can take a couple of weeks to get used too. However, in the long term it should be comfortable and not cause pain. If you are ever concerned about Lyric, you can contact our hearing aid specialists for support.

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