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About Widex Hearing Aids 

Widex is a Danish hearing aid company founded in 1956 by Erik Westermann and Christian Topholm. Widex has always been a market leader in digital hearing technology producing the first digital in-the-ear hearing aid in 1995.  

What do Widex Hearing Aids Offer?

Widex offers a range of hearing aids styles including behind-the-ear, In-the-ear, completely-in-the canal, and receiver-in-canal hearing aids. These styles cater for hearing losses ranging from mild to profound.

Widex hearing aids offer the purest and most natural sound possible for wearers. Traditionally, the sound processed in a hearing aid hits the eardrum slightly later than natural sound. Widex has focussed on reducing this delay to make the sound more natural and reduce artefacts. The Widex SoundSense Learn technology uses machine learning to the hearing aid user can select the sounds they wish to hear. This not only provides the user with control over what sounds they focus on; the hearing aids will learn the users’ preferences over time.

Widex’s audibility extender is a proprietary technology that allows access to high frequency information. As a person’s hearing loss progresses, sometimes ‘dead regions’ develop in the cochlear – usually in the high frequencies. When this happens, it doesn’t matter how loud the hearing aid makes the sounds, the person’s ear can’t make use of the information. The audibility extender moves these high-pitched sounds to a lower frequency range where they can be heard. This provides access to high frequency sounds in speech for better clarity as well as environmental sounds such as doorbells and alarms.

Widex Hearing Aid Benefits – Tinnitus 

In addition to the benefits Widex hearing aids offer for people with hearing loss, many of their hearing aids also incorporate the Widex Zen Therapy tinnitus management. First introduced in 2012, Widex Zen Therapy incorporates four components of counselling, amplification, Zen tones, and relaxation to help people manage their tinnitus. Given tinnitus often occurs in conjunction with hearing loss, having such a comprehensive approach to hearing loss and tinnitus management with Widex allows for integrated treatment of these two conditions, providing both improved hearing and tinnitus relief. Tinnitus treatment, like hearing aids, should be chosen and adapted to meet your needs. So, if you are struggling with tinnitus, make sure you talk to our hearing experts at Hearing Aid Specialists SA for advice on whether you could benefit from the Widex Zen therapy.  

Widex Hearing Aid Moment Rechargeable
Widex Hearing Aid

Widex Hearing Aid Benefits – Bluetooth Connectivity 

Widex hearing aids incorporate Bluetooth technology to allow connectivity to smartphones, tablets, and other devices. The Bluetooth connectivity allows Widex wearers to enjoy phone calls and streaming straight into their hearing aids. The separate templates for Bluetooth streaming for music and speech allow either of these to be optimised depending on what you are listening too.  iPhone users can even enjoy completely hands-free phone use. In addition to streaming Bluetooth technology, hearing aids that are smartphone compatible can be controlled using a smartphone app. This means wearers can adjust the hearing aids in any environment without trying to find fiddly buttons on the hearing aids. Many of the hearing aids are also compatible with a range of accessories such as remote microphones and TV streamers to make connecting to other people and devices an easier listening experience.  

Widex Sustainability 

Beyond hearing aids, Widex is also a leader in environmental sustainability. The Widex headquarters just outside of Copenhagen utilises a geothermal system using groundwater as a heat reservoir. This allows them to store an entire year’s worth of heating and cooling.  Widex is CO2 neutral partly due to their windmill with delivers more power than needed by Widex, with the excess power going back into the energy grid.  

Widex headquarters sustainability

To trial the very latest in Widex hearing aid technology, contact Hearing Aid Specialists SA on (08) 8267 2555 or book an appointment.

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