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The Effects of Hearing Loss

Hearing loss occurs when one or more parts of the ear or auditory pathway do not work as well as they should. It can make communication difficult, be frustrating, and have a significant effect on a person’s life. Therefore, seeking appropriate treatment for hearing impairment is important. Hearing loss can not only cause safety issues for a person, but can also lead to an increase risk of falls, social isolation, mental health issues and cognitive decline. Untreated hearing loss can intrude on every part of person’s life, and it is therefore important to identify the hearing impairment and treat it. At Hearing Aid Specialists SA we can assess your hearing and provide you with guidance on the best way to address any hearing loss that is found.

Symptoms of Hearing Impairment

There are numerous symptoms of hearing loss. These include:

  • Feeling like people are mumbling
  • Needing to turn the volume up on the TV or radio
  • Needing to ask people to repeat themselves
  • Difficulty hearing on the phone
  • Finding having conversations just generally more difficult, tiring, or stressful – particularly in noisy environments

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, then it is important to have a hearing assessment so your hearing loss can be identified and treated. Our expert clinicians at Hearing Aid Specialists SA will ask you about the symptoms of hearing impairment you have noticed as part of your hearing assessment.

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Types of Hearing Loss

Hearing loss can be either conductive or sensorineural.

Conductive Hearing Loss diagram

Conductive Hearing Loss

With a conductive hearing loss, there is an issue with the middle or outer ear. This type of hearing impairment may be temporary and can often be treated medically. For example, if there is fluid sitting in the middle ear – then seeking treatment to resolve the fluid can help to recover your hearing. If medical treatment is not appropriate or not successful, then hearing aids may be a good treatment option.

Sensorineural Hearing Loss-crosssection

Sensorineural Hearing Loss

Sensorineural hearing loss arises when there is an issue with the hearing organ – called the cochlea – or the auditory pathway of nerves leading to the brain. This type of hearing impairment is usually permanent and most often treated by hearing aids.
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Treatment for Hearing Impairment

At Hearing Aid Specialists SA, we will assess your hearing to identify the type and level of hearing loss. This will enable us to guide you as to what the appropriate treatment might be. Depending on the cause of your hearing loss, treatment might involve removing ear wax, referring you for medical management of your hearing loss, or putting a rehabilitation program into place that might include counselling, communication skills and/or hearing aids. It is important that you understand what treatment is being recommended any why, so if you have any questions, you should ask your hearing clinician.

Do you have any symptoms or concerns?

It is important that if you ever notice a sudden change in your hearing, you should contact Hearing Aid Specialists SA or your doctor urgently. Depending on the nature of the change in hearing, receiving treatment in a timely manner can be key to recovering some or all of the lost hearing.

Given the potential consequences of hearing loss, if you have any hearing loss symptoms or are concerned about your hearing, do not hesitate to contact us to have your hearing assessed.

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