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About Unitron Hearing Aids

Founded in 1964, Unitron is a Canadian-based hearing aid company that is part of the Sonova Group. Unitron is committed to developing technology that provides a natural listening experience. 
Unitron hearing aids come in a range of styles including Receiver-in-canal, in-the-ear, completely-in-canal, and behind-the-ear styles. Unitron’s design philosophy focuses on comfort, style and ease of use leading to being awarded several design awards over the years including multiple Red Dot Award, an iF Design Award, and a MUSE Design Award.  

Unitron’s Unique FLEX:TRIALTM

Unitron’s FLEX:TRIALTM technology allows the hearing aids to perform a real-world assessment with the hearing aids in the places you visit on a daily basis. You can see how the technology works in those environments that are important to you, so you can choose the right level of technology for you.

One of the challenges of buying hearing aids is that a person’s hearing needs may change over the lifetime of the hearing aids. Unitron’s open platform approach: FLEX:UPGRADETM means if your listening needs change you can upgrade to a higher level of technology. With technology levels coming in a number of different performance levels, wearers can start at the technology level that is appropriate for their current situation knowing they can upgrade the technology as required.  

Get More out of Conversations with Unitron Hearing Aids

Unitron’s SoundCoreTM sound processing aims to get more out of every conversation using automatic optimisation designed for better focus and understanding. The hearing aids analyse the environment 689 times per second so they can enhance the sounds you want to hear, while reducing distracting background noise and maintaining cues the create a more natural sounding experience. Unitron technology also focuses on helping wearers localise sounds around them. This helps the wearer locate sounds so they can focus in on them. This is important in dynamic listening environments.  

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Unitron remote plus app

Unitron Hearing Aid Connectivity

Unitron Bluetooth technology works with both iPhone and Android devices to provide wearers with completely hands-free phone calls regardless of your smartphone type. This same connectivity allows for remote programming of your hearing aids through an app on the phone, so if you need professional fine-tuning but can’t get into the clinic, help is still available. Wearers can use the same app to adjust their hearing aids like a remote-control providing flexibility to adjust the hearing aids on the go.  

If you’re not a Smartphone user but still want to be able to use a remote-control Unitron also has a traditional remote control available for those who prefer this option. There is also the option of a TV streamer which enables streaming of the TV straight to the hearing aids and a remote microphone to make it easier to have conversations in noisy environments.  

Unitron Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Rechargeable technology in Unitron’s hearing aids mean you get a full day’s wear out of the hearing aids. This provides wearers with hassle free hearing all day every day without the need to change batteries.  

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To trial the very latest Unitron hearing aid technology, contact Hearing Aid Specialists SA on (08) 8267 2555 or book an appointment.

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