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Hearing Aid Batteries

For those using disposable hearing aid batteries, it is important to make sure you use specific hearing aids batteries. The technology in these hearing aids batteries are designed to give the wearer maximum power output for as long as possible to ensure optimum hearing and provide enough power to run the hearing aid features. Wearers should not use other types of hearing aid batteries even if they fit into their hearing aids as these may not give them good performance from their hearing aids.

TV Streamers

Even with hearing aids, the variable sound quality on movies and TV shows can make them difficult to hear. This can be a source of frustration if the hearing aid wearer wants the TV louder than everyone else in the room. It can also be difficult to hear the TV if there are other noise sources in the room, whether that be other people or something like the dishwasher.

Many hearing aid brands have TV streamer accessories that help by streaming the television directly to the wearer’s hearing aids. This results in a better-quality sound being delivered directly to the wearer’s ears. If you are interested in a TV Streamer, talk to your hearing expert at Hearing Aid Specialists SA to find out which one is right for you.

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Hearing Aid Chargers

With rechargeable technology becoming more prevalent, the types of chargers that come with hearing aids can also be an important consideration. Some chargers are designed to sit on a desk or bench rather than being carried around. Others double as a case that wearers can carry or store your hearing aids in. Some brands also have chargers which incorporate hearing aids batteries that hold charge.

This means you can use the case to charge the hearing aid batteries a few times before you need to plug the charger in again. Rechargeable hearing aid batteries can be great for people who travel regularly, go camping, or live in areas prone to power outages for extended periods.

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Assistive Listening Devices

Sometimes a person needs a little help with their hearing but either doesn’t need hearing aids or can’t use hearing aids. Assistive Listening Devices (ALD’s) can be the perfect solution for these situations. For those who need some help just with the TV, but don’t want or don’t need hearing aids, an ALD that allows the TV input to be streamed to a set of headphones can provide a solution specific for this situation.

For people who need to hear better but can’t manage hearing aids, there are ALD’s that look a bit like the old Walkman’s that can be useful. These devices have a microphone and a box that is worn by the listener who uses headphones to listen to the sound. The sound can be adjusted in a broad sense to enable it to be turned up or down and adjusted a little. These can be easier to put on a person not able to manage hearing aids themselves and are harder to lose for people who cannot keep track of their hearing aids. Feel even more connect with assistive listening devices in the office, at school, and in social situations.

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Remote Microphone and Roger Technology

While hearing aids are enough for many wearers to meet their communication needs. Some people need more support with their hearing than just hearing aids, particularly in noisy or challenging listening environments. This might include being at a restaurant, walking along a busy street or in a shopping centre while talking to someone, or attending a work meeting. For people who need extra support in these situations there is a range of options available that work with different hearing aids. Some of these are a simple remote microphone that is worn by the talker and sends the speech directly to the listeners hearing aids. There is also the more sophisticated Roger Technology that can be useful in restaurants or meetings. If you are struggling in certain environments, talk to your hearing expert at Hearing Aid Specialists SA to find out if these accessories are right for you. Hearing aids are the commonly used solution to help people with hearing loss. However, sometimes an alternative option may be better, or a hearing aid wearer may benefit from additional technology used in conjunction with their hearing aids or hearing aids batteries. Contact Hearing Aid Specialists SA on (08) 8267 2555 to discuss which accessories for your hearing aids are best for you.