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About Resound & Beltone Hearing Aids

Beltone and Resound Hearing aids companies are both part of the larger global GN Group. Resound was founded in 1943 by Dr Rodney Perkins of Stanford University before later becoming part of the GN Group. Beltone was originally founded in 1940 and based in Chicago Illinois. It was founded by Sam and Faye Posen who were motivated to help a friend with hearing loss. It later becoming part of the Danish GN Group.

Resound & Beltone Hearing Aid Styles

Both Beltone and Resound GN hearing aids come in a range of styles including receiver-in-canal, behind-the, ear and custom hearing aids – which includes in-the-ear, in-the-canal, completely-in-canal, and invisible-in-canal styles. This range of hearing aids styles caters for a variety of hearing losses ranging from mild to profound. Resound and Beltone hearing aids are available in rechargeable and button battery models.

Resound & Beltone Hearing Aid Technology

The technology in both Beltone and Resound GN has developed to focus on hearing the details of sounds from all around you so that you can tune into what you want to hear. The technology focuses on replicating how the normal ear works so it naturally works with the human auditory system including the brain which is where the hearing process occurs. The approach to directionality of Beltone and Resound GN is to provide the brain with the information it needs with an improved signal-to-noise ratio so it can focus on the sounds it wants to hear but not be cut off from the rest of the environment. Similarly, when processing incoming sounds, Beltone and Resound GN’s Warp technology divides the sounds into 17 overlapping frequency bands in a similar way to that of the cochlea. Again, this produces a more natural sound for the brain to process.

Resound Beltone hearing aids with charger
Belton BT woman holding iPhone with hearing app

Microphone & Receiver-in-Ear Hearing Solution

Both brands also offer a technology called the Microphone & Receiver-in-Ear Hearing Solution (M&RIE). The M&RIE technology places an extra microphone in the ear on a receiver-in-ear hearing device to pick up sound more naturally and utilise the wearer’s anatomy to enhance the sound. Benefits of the M&RIE technology include enhanced sound quality as well as better localisation and improved spatial hearing. Other advantages of this technology are less wind noise because the positioning of the microphone is more protected from the wind by the ear itself and less listening effort.

Beltone and Resound GN offer different levels of technologies, and each range differs in features and benefits in the portfolio within the two brands. Speak to Hearing Aid Specialists SA to find out the differences and which hearing aid brand and model is best for you and your hearing.

Compatible with Cochlear Implants

Resound GN has a range of hearing aids that are compatible with cochlear implants. For wearers who have a Cochlear brand cochlear implant on one ear and have hearing that could benefit from a hearing aid on the other ear, GN Resound aids that are compatible with Cochlear’s speech processors are a great solution for a better listening experience.

Beltone Cochlear Android stream for man on phone
Beltone hearing aids with charger and connected to app

Bluetooth Compatibility

Both Beltone and Resound GN have Bluetooth compatibility with made for iPhone technology allowing for hands-free phone calls for iPhone users. Resound GN led the way in the Bluetooth technology enjoyed by hearing aid wearers today with the first made for iPhone Bluetooth incorporated technology hearing aids. Both brands also have separate smartphone apps for use to control their hearing aids and accessories that can be used in conjunction with the hearing aids for streaming the TV or to help with conversations in noisy environments.

To trial the very latest Beltone and Resound GN hearing aid technology, contact Hearing Aid Specialists SA on (08) 8267 2555 or book an appointment.

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