Extended Wear Invisible Hearing with Phonak Lyric

When you have a hearing loss, it is important to get the solution that best suits your needs. The most common type of hearing aid is worn daily, typically removed at night and during showers. However, there’s an alternative: an extended wear solution called Phonak Lyric. With Lyric, you can leave it in your ear until it needs changing months later. As Lyric sits deep in your ear canal it remains completely invisible.

We’re excited to offer this solution at Hearing Aid Specialists SA clinics. Lyric provides many benefits unlike traditional hearing aids for unrestricted living.

You Can Leave It In

One of the key advantages of Phonak Lyric is you can leave it in. You do not have to take it out every night, or when you have a shower. Once it is in, it simply stays there until it needs to be replaced offering you hassle free listening. This also means that you can hear 24/7 which is great for those that need to hear at night, or need their hearing aid to help provide them with relief from their tinnitus even when they are sleeping. However, if you want to turn Lyric off at night, you can do so with the remote control.

You Do Not Need to Change Batteries

Phonak Lyric has a long-lasting battery in it meaning you do not have to change it. This is especially useful for people who find handling batteries difficult, or just don’t want to have to worry about batteries.

Introducing Self-Replacement

Phonak Lyric is now even more convenient as, providing your hearing care professional deems it appropriate, you can change Lyric yourself. This means you do not need to come into the clinic to have Lyric changed. Not comfortable changing it yourself? No problem – the hearing specialists at Hearing Aid Specialists SA are happy to change it for you which needs to be done every three months or sooner as required.

It is Invisible

Phonak Lyric sits deep in your ear canal making it invisible. This makes it a great solution for people who want a discreet hearing solution. This can also be good if you engage in activities that require you to wear a helmet such as motorbike riding. The deep positioning of the hearing aid means you can get on with the activities you love.

Lyric Makes the Most of Your Ear Anatomy

In addition to making, it invisible, the positioning of Phonak Lyric deep in your ear canal means it uses your own ear anatomy to deliver a natural sound and help you with localization. The other benefit of this is that you can use a phone just like you normally would. No need for Bluetooth devices or being careful of how you hold the phone. Simply hold the phone up to your ear like normal and get the benefits of hearing through Lyric for crystal clear conversations.

You Get Upgrades as They Become Available

One of the things hearing aid users find frustrating is that they cannot access newer technology without buying a new hearing aid. This means they do not get to benefit from new technology as it becomes available. Lyric changes this. With Lyric, when your device is changed it is replaced with the most current technology to help you hear your best.

Phonak Lyric has a lot to offer people with hearing loss and Hearing Aid Specialists is proud to be adding this to our hearing solution options. However, like with any hearing solution, it is important to get personalised advice as to whether this is the right solution for you. Our hearing aid specialists can conduct a hearing assessment and discuss the suitability of Lyric in meeting your needs. If for any reason it is not the best option for you, our hearing aid specialists can discuss other options with you.

Contact us today to find out if Lyric is suitable for you. At Hearing Aid Specialists SA, we’re dedicated to providing compassionate care and personalised solutions that empower you to live your best life.

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